Richard Tymon is a freelance photographer with a strong interest in bringing art and emerging technology together. His impressive client list includes Manchester International Festival, Hemingway Design and The Hepworth Wakefield. FACES is a unique project that was created on a recent visit to New York City.

In March 2015 I visited New York and captured a series of unique candid portraits by using my iPhone whilst pretending to be on a phone call. This technique allowed me to get unusually close to the subjects; the un-obtrusity of it meant they did not change how they behaved and therefore capturing a very honest and realistic portrait.

Realising I had created an interesting method of image capture, which also had a unique composition as a result of the ‘camera’ being held on a 45 degree angle, I decided to continue the project in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. I chose this location as like NYC, Manchester is a hugely powerful and creative city but is not the capital of its respective country. Also the Northern Quarter is a very individual and stylish area. Here I was much more selective over the exact location and composition of my photographs and resulted in over 300 images taken to control my new method.

I was aware that at times the photographs felt intrusive even though I was careful not to capture any intimate or embarrassing moments. In post-production I heavily cropped a section of the portrait, normally the key characteristic of the shot (the eye, mouth or an interesting way someone holds a cigarette etc). When I enlarged the images I found the grid appearance of the individual pixels interesting so I found a way of preserving them within the crop. I then overlaid the pixels against the original photograph, carefully selecting the areas to bring through creating an aesthetic narrative.

While I was in both locations I also recorded the soundscapes that capture the essence of the two cities. Sounds such as street sellers, pneumatic drills, trams, trains and bar music were all captured. From this, I created a six minute video that brings together the photography and audio while animating the close proximity of my subjects.

Additionally I cropped a series of these portraits down to a single pixel. Interestingly the meta data within the pixel still holds the exact location of where the photograph was taken and the camera settings but ironically the only thing that you can’t see is the actual photograph.

To see more of my work please visit:

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